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A NEW and EXCITING APP where you can find a flea market, antique show, swap meet, or other events at which to buy or sell. Are you a vendor looking for a place to setup next? This APP will easily show you on a map, what events meet your criteria. You can customize your events by selection criteria such as Food Vendors, Indoor Vendors, Outdoor Vendors and much more. Additionally, customers can easily find where to discover the treasures they are looking for.


New Features :

Nearby Events

Get nearby events happining arround you.

Event Details

Get the all details of the event with time and date.

Filter on the map

Get the filterised events on the map with the locations of the event.

Find event on the location where you want

Change the location to see the event arround that location.


$3.99 for full unlocked application


Description goes here

Limited Filter

Limited event detail


Description goes here

Full Filter

Full event detail

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